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Incorporated in the state of Delaware as a not-for-profit corporation, ACADIA is an all-volunteer organization governed by elected officers, an elected Board of Directors, and appointed ex-officio officers.


An election is held each fall, at which a new president is chosen. The person elected serves as Vice- President from September 1 until December 31 of their election year; then as President from January 1 until December 31 of the year succeeding their election year; and as Vice President again from January 1 until September 1 of the next following year. The President is the organization's chief officer and presides over Board of Directors meetings, appoints ex-officio officers, etc.

Board of Directors

Two rotating groups of 5 representatives, elected from the membership, serve overlapping two-year terms. The Board of Directors is responsible for budgeting and policy decisions.

Ex-officio officers

Various other offices are created from time to time as the President and Board of Directors see fit (secretary, treasurer, technology officer, membership officer, etc.). Ex-officio officers are entitled to vote in Board of Directors meetings and contribute vital energy and support to the organization.

Officers and Board of Directors

President and Vice-President

Position Name Email
President Kathy Velikov
Vice President (Immediate Past President) Jason Kelly Johnson

Appointed Officers

Position Name Email
Secretary Brian Slocum
Treasurer Michael Christenson
Membership Officer Phillip Anzalone
Development Officer Alvin Huang
Communications Officer Adam Marcus
Technology Officer Andrew Kudless
IJAC Officer Wassim Jabi

2018 Election (Term: Jan 1, 2019 - Dec 31, 2020)

  • Brandon Clifford, MIT
  • Mara Marcu, University of Cincinnati
  • Tsz Yan Ng, University of Michigan
  • Lauren Vasey, Institute for Computational Design and Construction, The University of Stuttgart
  • Andrew John Wit, Temple University
  • Melissa Goldman (alternate), The University of Virginia
  • Phillip Anzalone (alternate), New York City College of Technology
  • Matias del Campo (alternate), University of Michigan

2017 Election (Term: Jan 1, 2018 - Dec 31, 2019)

  • Behnaz Farahi, University of Southern California
  • Adam Marcus, California College of the Arts
  • Gilles Retsin, Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Jane Scott, The University of Leeds
  • Skylar Tibbits, MIT
  • Manuel Jimenez Garcia (alternate), Bartlett School of Architecture
  • Christoph Klemmt (alternate), University of Cincinnati
  • Gernot Riether (alternate), NJIT

IJAC ACADIA Board of Editors for 2019-20

  • Phillip Anzalone, CUNY New York City College of Technology
  • Dana Cupkova, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Zaneta H Hong, University of Virginia
  • Ersela Kripa, Texas Tech College of Architecture

IJAC ACADIA Board of Editors for 2018-19

  • Mara Marcu, University of Cincinnati
  • Vera Parlac, University of Calgary
  • Lauren Vasey, ICD at The University of Stuttgart
  • Andrew John Wit, Temple University


The ACADIA Bylaws set out the rules and regulations of the organization. As ACADIA has evolved over time, the bylaws have been amended. If you have any proposed changes to the bylaws, please contact the ACADIA president and/or Board of Directors.

Download a PDF of the current ACADIA Bylaws. (Last amended on 7-12-16)

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Annual ACADIA Elections

As ACADIA is a volunteer organization, the President and Board of Directors establish the policies and activities of the organization and perform many administrative tasks to support member services, the annual Conference, the website, and publications. The officers of ACADIA must be dedicated and capable. Election to a position as an officer is not only an honor but an expression of confidence in the candidate's ability to lead and manage.

Who is Elected?


Each year the ACADIA membership elects a President. Each year the ACADIA membership elects a President. The President’s term goes through three phases: s/he serves as Vice-President from September 1 until December 31 of their election year, as President from January 1 until December 31 of the year succeeding their election year, and as Vice-President again from January 1 until September 1 of the next following year.

Board of Directors

Each year the ACADIA membership elects half of the ten-member Steering Committee, and up to three alternates.

IJAC Editorial Board

The International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC) Editorial Board includes panels from four organizations (ACADIA, SIGGRADI, CAADRIA, & ECAADE). Half of ACADIA's IJAC Editorial Board members are elected each year and serve two-year terms beginning the January following their election.


Only current regular and student members may vote, which is defined in the bylaws as members who have paid their dues for the year. This limitation has generally been interpreted to mean that the member must be "in good standing" by the end of the balloting time (and prior to voting). You can check your current status by logging into the ACADIA website.


ACADIA elections are held online in September. At the start of balloting, an email message will be sent to members advising them that voting has begun and providing links needed for voting. A web site will be available containing information about the candidates and links to the voting system. When you submit your ballot from the election site, the system will email your votes (anonymously) to the elections committee. The elections committee will announce results in October.

How do I Nominate a candidate?

President & Board of Directors
Any ACADIA member in good standing may be a candidate for one of these positions, or for a position on both the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board, with one exception: members of the Elections Committee may not stand for election to the Presidency. Each candidate to a Steering Committee position should be nominated by at least three members in good standing. Self-nominations are permitted; in that case only two additional nominations are needed. Board of Directors members whose terms of service expire in the election year are eligible for re-election.

IJAC Editorial Board
Nominations to the Editorial Board do not require additional "seconds".

Submitting a nomination
You may submit nominations via email to any of the Elections Committee members (see below). Nominees will be asked to prepare and submit a brief election statement.

The deadline for nominations is usually the end of August.

The election will be conducted in September via the ACADIA website. Only members in good standing at the time of the election will be eligible to vote. To check your standing, login to the ACADIA website using your email address and ACADIA password (follow the link if you've forgotten), and it will show you. The election results are announced in October.

You can often renew/join for the current year as late as early September and participate in the election cycle, but sooner is better!

We appreciate your enthusiastic participation in the elections process.

ACADIA Elections Committe
Election Committee Contact:

Past Presidents

Since adoption of our bylaws in 1984, the ACADIA Presidency has been filled by annual elections, with the president serving a six-month period as "president elect", a year as "president", and another six-month period as "past-president". Prior to adoption of bylaws, a president was elected each year, as indicated below.

Individuals are listed here according to the calendar year in which they were elected, which will also have been the calendar year in which they began their term as "president". If you read the inside pages of your proceedings, you'll find each president listed in proceedings for the conference occuring at the end of their term.

Year President taking office at conference
2018 - Present Kathy Velikov
2017 Jason Kelly Johnson
2016 Jason Kelly Johnson
2015 Michael Fox
2014 Michael Fox
2013 Michael Fox
2012 Aron Temkin
2011 Aron Temkin
2010 Aron Temkin
2009 Nancy Cheng
2008 Mahesh Senagala
2007 Mahesh Senagala
2006 Wassim Jabi
2005 Wassim Jabi
2004 Kevin Klinger
2003 Kevin Klinger
2002 Ganapathy Mahalingam
2001 Ganapathy Mahalingam
2000 Mark Clayton
1999 Brian Johnson
1998 Douglas Noble
1997 Branko Kolarevic
1996 Glenn Goldman
1995 Karen Kensek
1994 M. Stephen Zdepski
1993 Skip Van Wyk
1992 Larry O. Degelman
1991 J. Peter Jordan
1990 John McIntosh
1989 Pamela J. Bancroft
1988 Robert E. Johnson
1987 Patricia McIntosh
1986 Elizabeth Bollinger
1985 Yehuda Kalay
1984 Chris Yessios
1983 John Wade
1982 John Wade
1981 Charles Eastman

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