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ACADIA Mission

ACADIA is an international network of digital design researchers and professionals. We facilitate critical investigations into the role of computation in architecture, planning, and building science, encouraging innovation in design creativity, sustainability, and education.

ACADIA Membership

ACADIA is a community and we rely on the support and participation of our members to thrive. As a member of the ACADIA, you gain access to a large network of experts throughout the world and the innovative research they have produced through papers and projects.

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ACADIA Activities


ACADIA holds an annual conference each year in North America in conjunction with a host university. The conference brings together the top experts in the field of design computing for peer-reviewed presentations of papers, projects and special exhibitions. In addition, workshops related to various innovative design softwares and techniques are held prior to the annual conference. In 2011, ACADIA began supporting regional conferences. Click here for more information on past conferences or information on hosting a future conference.

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

Inaugurated in 1998, the ACADIA Award of Excellence represents recognition, by colleagues worldwide, of consistent contributions and impact on the field of architectural computing. There are several categories of awards covering emerging practice, research, teaching, academic programs, and service to the community. ACADIA also awards grants to help support innovative research within the field and scholarships for students. Click here to learn more about our Awards, Grants, and Scholarships.


Each year ACADIA publishes Proceedings from the annual conference. These publications gather together the most innovative research papers and projects from the design computation community. In addition, ACADIA is one of the four founding organizations that support the International Journal of Architectural Computing (IJAC).


The ACADIA website serves as the central hub of the community. Members are encouraged to post News , Papers , and Projects. In addition, ACADIA produces a series of online Features on a range of topics of interest to the design computing community.

ACADIA History

ACADIA was founded in 1981 by some of the pioneers in the field of design computation including Bill Mitchell, Chuck Eastman, and Chris Yessios (see full list of founders in the Bylaws section 1.2). Since then, ACADIA has hosted over 30 conferences across North America and has grown into a strong network of academics and professionals in the design computation field.

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