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One of ACADIA's major missions is to organize and present an annual conference on topics of interest to the architectural computing community. The conference and the publication of its proceedings are a major channel of communication among experts in the field of computer-aided design in architecture. The conference site moves each year, providing members the opportunity to see facilities at schools of architecture around the country.

2016 Conference - Ann Arbor Oct. 27-29, 2016

POSTHUMAN FRONTIERS: DATA, DESIGNERS AND COGNITIVE MACHINES will foster design work and research from the worlds of practice and academia that lie at the intersection between procedural design, designed environments and autonomous machines. More specifically, this conference will seek to explore recent work within the current trend in computational design to develop and apply quasi-cognitive machines; the integration of software, information, fabrication and sensing to generate mechanisms for interfacing with the physical realm.

For more information go to the 2016 Conference Website.

Conference Hosting

Hosting an ACADIA conference is a great way to both serve the design computation community and bring more exposure to your own home institution. ACADIA is always interested in expanding our community into new locations and institutions and partnering with local groups interested in the field of design computation.

If you are, or might be, interested in chairing or serving on the technical program committee, or serving as Site Coordinator, please contact the ACADIA President. We can work with you to assess whether you are ready to make a proposal, and we can help you understand the process involved. Technical and Site chairs from previous conferences can help you organize a proposal. Please contact us as soon as you can, even if you are early in developing a proposal. ACADIA starts planning future conferences 1-2 years in advance.

Conference Guidelines

Here are a number of documents that should help you understand what is expected of ACADIA conference hosts, as well as what is provided in terms of support for hosts. If you are thinking about hosting a conference and have any questions, we urge you to contact the current president for further conversations.

This collection needs to be organized and structured some more before it can be considered a "user manual" for conferences, but it should help you to get started. Remember, your questions will help us refine and improve this, so we really want you to ask them.


  • ACADIA Conference - RFP.doc
  • ACADIA hosts one conference each year. Conference responsibilities are generally divided between a Site Chair and a Technical Chair. While it is desirable to have a coordinated proposal, separate proposals for site and technical aspects of the conference are not uncommon.
  • TemplateConferenceDuties.doc
  • Additional information about respective duties regarding conference organization.
  • SCAD_ACADIA_2005.pdf
  • This is a copy of a successful conference application package.
  • TemplateChairAwardLetters.doc
  • Once you have submitted your application, the Steering Committee must review it. If the Steering Committee accepts the proposal, the President will be authorized to compose a letter such as this, in which the formal structure of the conference organization is set forth.
  • ACADIA Conference - Sup Info.doc
  • Some supplemental information.
  • 2006AwardLetter.pdf
  • A pdf copy of the 2006 Award letter from the President to the Conference organizers.

Legal Notes

We have learned that greater clarity is needed regarding budgeting responsibilities and the conference process, especially in the hectic days shortly before the conference itself happens. For that reason, certain legal text is inserted into many of the ACADIA.ORG conference pages in order to clarify for organizers and potential vendors who may, and who may not, commit ACADIA resources. This is not meant to be threatening or frightening, just clear information:

Notice: Neither the Site Coordinator, the host institution nor the Technical Chair is authorized to incur expenses, enter into contracts or incur legal obligations of any kind whatsoever on behalf of ACADIA without the express prior written approval of ACADIA's President on behalf of the ACADIA Steering Committee.

Past Conferences

Year Conference Title Location Host Institution
2017 Expansion and Convergence Cambridge, Massachusettss, USA MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016 Post-Human Frontiers Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA University of Michigan TCAUP
2015 Computational Ecologies Cincinatti, Ohio, USA University of Cincinatti
2014 Design Agency Los Angeles, California, USA The University of Southern California
2013 Adaptive Architecture Cambridge, Ontario, Canada University of Waterloo
2012 Synthetic Digital Ecologies San Francisco, California, USA CCA - California College of the Arts
2011 Integration Through Computation Calgary/Banff, Canada The University of Calgary
2010 LIFE in:formation New York, New York, USA Cooper Union, Pratt Institute
2009 reForm Chicago, Illinois The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2008 Silicon + Skin Minneapolis, Minnesota University of Minnesota
2007 Expanding Bodies Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Dalhousie, NSCAD & CDRN
2006 Synthetic Landscapes Louisville, Kentucky University of Kentucky, Lexington
2005 Smart Architecture Savannah, Georgia Savannah School of Architecture and Design (SCAD)
2004 Fabrication Cambridge and Toronto, Ontario, Canada University of Waterloo, Cambridge and University of Toronto
2003 Connecting: Crossroads of Digital Discourse Indianapolis, Indiana Ball State University
2002 Thresholds Between Physical and Virtual Pomona, California Cal Poly, Pomona
2001 Reinventing the Discourse Buffalo, New York SUNY Buffalo
2000 Eternity, Infinity, and Virtuality Washington D.C. Catholic University
1999 Media and Design Process Snowbird, Utah University of Utah
1998 Do Computers Make a Difference in Design Studios? Quebec City, Quebec, Canada University of Laval
1997 Representation and Design Cincinnati, Ohio University of Cincinnati
1996 Design Computation: Collaboration, Reasoning, Pedagogy Tucson, Arizona University of Arizona
1995 Computing in Design: Enabling, Capturing and Sharing Ideas Seattle, Washington University of Washington
1994 Reconnecting St. Louis, Missouri Washington University
1993 Education and Practice: The Critical Interface Quebec City, Quebec, Canada University of Laval
1992 Computer Supported Design in Architecture: Mission, Method, Madness Charleston, South Carolina Clemson University
1991 Reality and Virtual Reality Los Angeles, California University of California at Los Angeles
1990 From Research to Practice Big Sky, Montana Montana State University
1989 New ideas and Directions for the 1990's Gainesville, Florida University of Florida
1988 Computing In Design Education Ann Arbor, Michigan University of Michigan
1987 Integrating Computers into the Architectural Curriculum Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina State University
1986 Architectural Education, Research and Practice in the Next Decade Houston, Texas University of Houston
1985 ACADIA Workshop '85 Tempe, Arizona Arizona State University
1984 Troy, New York Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutey
1983 Columbus, Ohio Ohio State University
1982 Blacksburg, Virginia Virginia Tech
1981 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Carnegie-Mellon University

Conference Proceedings

Each year ACADIA holds a conference at which peer-reviewed papers are presented and published in a volume of conference proceedings. Members receive the current year's proceedings as a benefit of membership. Proceedings availability for prior years is shown on this page. The years, titles, and purchase prices of each proceedings are noted below.

In addition to the physical copies, all papers and projects form the annual conference Proceedings are stored on CumInCAD. All ACADIA Members have access to the papers on CumInCAD.

Although most Proceedings are out of print, you can purchase copies of some of the recent conferences through the links below. If you have questions, contact the Membership Officer for assistance.

Year Item Price
International Orders (Book)
We require an additional $20 USD for international orders on printed proceedings books. Please add this item to the cart if you are ordering from outside the U.S.A.
International Orders (CD)
We require an additional $5 USD for international orders for CDs. Please add this item to the cart if you are ordering a CD from outside the U.S.A.
2011 ACADIA 2011 Regional - Parametricism: Student Performance Criteria (SPC) Proceedings
Editors: Janghwan Cheon, Steve(n) Hardy, Timothy Hemsath
FREE DigitalCommons
2010 LIFE in:formation Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Editors: A. Sprecher, S. Yeshayahu, and P. Lorenzo-Eiroa
Order from
2010 LIFE in:formation Exhibition Catalogue
Editors: C. Ahrens, A. Schmitzberger, M. Wen-Sen Su
Order from
2009 reForm() Proceedings of the 29th annual conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Editors: T. Sterk, R. Loveridge
$80 Out of Print
2008 Silicon + Skin: Biological Processses and Computation Proceedings of the 28th annual conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Editors: A. Kudless, N. Oxman, and M. Swackhamer
$50 Order directly from LuLu
2008 Exhibition Catalog Proceedings of the 28th annual conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture
Editors: B. Faircloth, K. Moe, and D. Gissen
$40 Order directly from LuLu
2007 Expanding Bodies
Editors: B. Lilley, P. Beesley
2006 Synthetic Landscapes
Editors: G. Luhan, P. Anzalone, M. Cabrinha, & C. Clarke
2005 Smart Architecture
Editor: O. Ataman
Out of Print
2004 Fabrication (CD)
[a CD containing a full digital copy of the 2004 proceedings in searchable PDF format plus additional presentations and content in PowerPoint and PDF formats]
Editors: S. Williamson, P. Beesley, N. Cheng
Out of Print
2003 Connecting -- Crossroads of Digital Discourse
Editor: K. Klinger
Out of Print
2002 Design, research, education, & practice in the space between the physical and virtual
Editor: G. Proctor
Out of Print
2001 Reinventing the Discourse
Editor: W. Jabi
Out of Print
2000 Eternity, Infinity, and Virtuality in Architecture
Editors: M Clayton and G. P. Vasquez de Velasco
$25 Order from
1999 Media and Design Process
Editors: O. Ataman and J. Bermudez
Out of Print
1998 Do Computers Make a Difference in Design Studio?
Editors: S. van Wyk and T. Seebohm
Out of Print
1997 Representation and Design
Editors: J.P. Jordan, B. Mehnert, A.C. Harfmann
Out of Print
1996 Design Computation: Collaboration, Reasoning, Pedagogy
Editors: P. McIntosh and F. Ozel
Out of Print
1995 Computing in Design: Enabling, Capturing and Sharing Idea
Editors: B. Kolarevic and L. Kalisperis
Out of Print
1994 Reconnecting
Editors: A.C. Harfmann and M. Fraser
Out of print
1993 Education and Practice: The Critical Interface
Editors: F. Morgan and R. Pohlman
Out of Print
1992 Mission, Method, Madness
Editors: K. Kensek and D. Noble
Out of Print
1991 Reality-Virtual Reality
Editors: J. G. Goldman and M.S. Zdepski
Out of Print
1990 From Research to Practice
Editor: J. P. Jordan
Out of Print
1989 New Ideas and Directions for the 1990's
Editor: C. I. Yessios
Out of Print
1988 Computing in Design Education
Editor: P. J. Bancroft
Out of Print
1987 Integrating Computers into the Architectural Curriculum
Editor: B. J. Novitski
Out of Print
1986 Architectural Education, Research and Practice in the Next Decade
Editor: J. Turner
Out of Print
1985 ACADIA Workshop '85
Editor: P. G. McIntosh
Out of Print

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